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Raising Alpacas and Adults

Kristi and I love our family farm. We love our children and we love our alpacas. Intertwining these passions has been a grand adventure.

As much as we love our kids, we have no interest in raising kids. We are in the business of raising adults. Working on the farm and working with the alpacas provides our children with opportunities for developing character traits they just don't get anywhere else.

Alpacas eat every day. Alpacas poop every day. Developing daily disciplines helps create consistent, dependable, and responsible adults.

We work together with our children to encourage excellence in our breeding program and our herd's fleeces. We take great care to insure that our animals are healthy, happy, and well maintained.

A strong herd leads to strong character. Strong character in turn leads to a strong herd. In this way, our family farm continues to progress!

In the spring of 2013, we didn't even know what an alpaca was. My dad mentioned them to me in passing and I imagined some kind of reptile or maybe a dangerous predator like a jaguar or panther. Since I couldn't even identify an alpaca, I certainly couldn't imagine owning one. Well . . . You know the rest of the story!

It was only six months later that we bought our small herd and made a home for them in Middleton, Idaho. How does one go from being alpaca-illiterate to owning their own herd? An interesting story to be sure, but love at first sight had something to do with it! We went online to search the term alpaca and saw our first pictures. The passion was born.

We are just outside of Boise in Middleton Idaho. Middleton and Idaho offer us a lifestyle we love. We are committed to sharing our passion for these amazing animals and ensuring that everyone who visits our farm has a positive experience. We are a full service farm dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and high quality alpacas. Come visit us at any time - we're always happy to have visitors.